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for the Hope-Action Theory

Career navigation becomes increasingly complex as events such as the pandemic, globalization, and technological advances substantially change occupations and career pathways. Given such dramatic shifts, it is no surprise that multiple large-scale surveys reveal a workforce lacking strategies for effectively navigating career development challenges. Longstanding career models fail to address the current challenges workers experience. However, a more recently developed model, Hope-Action Theory, provides workers with evidence-based strategies for effective career navigation in the current context. More specifically, the Hope-Action Theory provides a practical framework identifying essential career decision-making steps that workers can quickly learn and readily apply to their career development.

Integrating research from leading psychologists and organizational behaviour experts, Hope-Action Theory teaches workers how to integrate environmental influences into their evolving self-understanding to identify work opportunities about which they can be passionate and fully engaged. The key competencies for effective career navigation are the specific steps of self-reflection, self-clarity visioning, goal setting and planning, implementing, and adapting. The Hope-Action Inventory helps workers identify their strengths and growth opportunities related to these career decision-making competencies. Training in Hope-Action Theory provides workers with the resources to strengthen these core decision-making competencies. Hope-Action Theory research studies and trainee feedback show how learning these competencies empowers workers to navigate their career development challenges effectively. Organizations and career practitioners realize the effectiveness of the Hope-Action Theory. They are increasingly asking for training in this highly relevant and exciting approach to career navigation in the 21st century. This interest and how our trainees worldwide integrate Hope-Action Theory is both rewarding and exciting!

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