The Hope-Action Inventory

How hopeful are you?

Gain insight into your hopefulness in 3 steps:


Discover your level of hopefulness based on the seven competencies that contribute to your overall sense of hopefulness.

Take Action

Learn practical strategies that you can implement in order to increase your hopefulness in targeted ways.

Increase Hope

Live a more hopeful life! Increased hopefulness supports high levels of job satisfaction and performance, organizational commitment, clarity in career decision-making, increased confidence, and more.

Hope: Envisioning a meaningful goal and believing that positive outcomes are likely to occur should you take specific actions.

Self-reflection: Taking the time to step back and examine your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and circumstances.

Self-clarity: Having a clear understanding about who you are

Visioning: Imagining and brainstorming possibilities for your career and identifying desired outcomes.

Goal Setting and Planning: Specifying what you want to achieve and the steps you can take to reach your goals.

Implementing: Putting your goals and plans into action.

Adapting: Using what you learn about yourself and your environment to inform and adjust your goals and plans as needed.

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With over a decade of international research, the Hope-Action Theory and Hope-Action Inventory have been researched and applied in a broad range of contexts including career development, organizational development, and more.

Take the Hope-Action Inventory Mini-Course to learn more about the Hope-Action Theory, and how to deliver and debrief the Hope-Action Inventory assessment with confidence.

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