We all need hope to move forward positively in our lives.

We all have times in our lives when hope is hard to muster. In these times, planning for our future seems pointless. We feel stuck, unmotivated, and perhaps even depressed. We want our situation and our feelings to shift towards something more positive, but might not have a strategy for creating this positive change. There are, however, strategies for generating and sustaining hope.

High levels of hope correlate with high levels of job performance, sports performance, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, clarity in career decision making, overall confidence, and academic achievement, to mention just a few of the ways hope is important in our lives.

Having a way to create and sustain a sense of hope is a big deal!

About the Hope-Action Theory

The Hope-Action Theory was developed in 2010 by Dr. Spencer Niles, Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon, and Dr. Norm Amundson. Since it’s development, the Hope-Action Theory has been a key component of numerous research projects. Many of these projects include people experiencing marginalization and numerous hope challenges. They are, in fact, the primary populations for which we created HAT. We are thrilled to report that exposing people to HAT interventions do have a significant impact on the levels of hope people are able to create and sustain. The reactions of those receiving HAT interventions is both exciting and humbling. Take a look at this video from a transition program for recent immigrants who are healthcare workers and you will see what we mean.

Similar outcomes were found in studies in the United States, Canada, Italy, Korea, Germany, Turkey, and more. These consistent results across multiple countries provides evidence that hope is a global construct that is an essential fuel for driving positive career and organizational development.

We think, and others confirm, that the elements of Hope-Action Theory replicate key components of the career (and life) development process. Paying attention to the learning embedded in your daily experiences (Self-Reflection) provides a foundation for developing a clear sense of who you are, what is important to you, what brings you joy, which aptitudes you are excited about developing, and much more (Self-Clarity). Having self-clarity based on self-reflection provides the springboard for considering life- possibilities that excite you! We call the systematic consideration of those possibilities a process of Visioning. Visioning involves using your self-clarity to guide you in creating goals and plans. Drawing on Goal-Setting and Planning, you are prepared to take action and Implement the choices you have made. As with any choice you have implemented, no matter how informed it is, there is always a gap between what you knew about that option before you took action and what you learned about it after you were actually in it. This gap is the source of crucially important information and learning! You can use this new information to refine your choice, solidify your choice, or to make a new and more informed choice about your next step. We refer to this process as Adapting. The process of adapting brings you back to Self-Reflection as you continue establishing the next goal and identify pathways or steps toward achieving your goal. Of course, all the time you are being influenced by your environment. Career practitioners, (as well as mentors, leaders, significant others, etc.) provide an ongoing source of support in your career and personal development. In this way, they are a positive environmental influence.

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